Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Countdown To Christmas

Today is July 25th which means Christmas is 5 months away.
That is 152 days.
I've been seeing lots of Christmas inspiration on Pinterest.
Ideas for ornaments . . .
Sharpie paint pens + ornaments + ribbon
Monogrammed Ornament. Just a clear glass ornament with a Letter sticker, some feathers, glitter for the inside, and a ribbon to hang :)
cute I Spy ornaments
Ideas for wreaths . . .
made with Picture Frame
Christmas Wreath, Plaid Ribbon, Red Poinsettia
Ideas for trees . . .
kitchen tree
sweet simple tree
tree & gifts
Sewing projects . . .
Fun Christmas shirt.
ideas for Christmas appliques
Ric Rac & Ribbon Tree Tees
Click on images for Pinterest source.
You can go here to see all the ideas for Christmas on my Pinterest board.

5 months is plenty of time to work on projects for the Christmas season.
I think a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order to check out the goodies!
All is Calm . . .


Sis Sue said...

With the temps in the 100s it is hard for me to think Christmas decor. Enjoy your trip to Hobby Lobby.

Nanna said...

Christmas does make everything all better doesn't it? with shows from Sept- Dec & my open house I always have to get started in Oct.

Stacey said...

Hi Carol! My goal this year is to start working on Christmas soon. I walked through the aisles at HL yesterday and they were putting out all the ornaments. This year I want to add a little kitchen theme tree. :)

Pam Traskos said...

Hi Carol, Oh yes, we have plenty of time to work on projects, fluff our nests and prepare our hearts.I love Hobby Lobby, we don't have one near us, but there is one by my daughter's college, she is an Art student so she shops there frequently. Love Pinterest too!
Thanks for sharing!

Kerin said...

W.H.A.T ???
Only five months away?? Is that possible.... yikes!

I am still working on outside landscaping, and gardening projects.

I would like to get a jump start on Christmas this year... but my jump start will end up being a hop-crawl~~~hee, hee.

Smiles :)

Elena said...

That is so true to start thinking about Christmas now. It makes it easier to get things done now and then enjoy the Christmas season :)

Cindy said...

Christmas? I love seeing your enthusiasm and energy. Sadly, I'm like Scarlet O'Hara---I'll think about that tomorrow, lol! I just may check out your Pinterest board, tho. Who knows, I may get inspired!!