Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things I Like About March

Today's message on my 
Mary Engelbreit
"Plant seeds of kindness & harvest happy hearts".

I like love several things about March . . .

warmer weather

day light savings time begins

spring begins

spring break

trees leafing out
tulips & daffodils blooming

March Madness
I enjoy college basketball end of season tournaments.

This first day of March is coming in like a lamb, at least so far.
Who knows what may happen before the end of the day.

March can give us surprise snow storms.
Take a look at these posts from years past.

I'm hoping we have a repeat of no springtime snow 
like we did in 2011.


Cindy said...

March Madness is the best. We have a family tournament every year. I sure hope what you said about March in OK comes true for us here in the northeast. What a treat that would be!

Sis Sue said...

Love all the different shades of green that start to appear in March.
I remember one spring break, in the early 70's, we set up a garage sale and it came a sleet storm, every thing was covered in ice. Needless to say, Dad wasn't happy about the cars getting covered in ice. Not a single person showed up at the garage sale. : o Best laid plans...

Elena said...

I love March too! Spring is such a wonderful time :)