Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pre Party Fun

P is for party!
The fun begins at 2:00 this afternoon.

Here are a few pre party pictures taken yesterday.

Emma playing under the high chair.

Ethan & Emma posing with the 
Sesame Street gang.

H is for happy!

I'll share pictures & party details Monday.


Christine said...

We will be partying next weekend for our grandson. He'll be turning eight. Time goes by quickly!

Sis Sue said...

"C" is for Cute, and Cookie. The two "E"s (Ethan and Emma) are adorable. My favorite SS character is Count.

Mary said...

Cute pics!
Love the back drop of the charters.
Hope the party is a. Blast.

Patsy said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

Cindy said...

Great decorations and the kids look excited!