Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Snapshots

What a beautiful day!
We had some crazy weather this week.
Thursday was a very cold rainy day & we even had some sleet.
Spring begins in 10 day!

Did you see the beautiful moon coming up last night?
I snapped a picture from our deck,
but it doesn't even come close to showing 
how awesome it looked.
The little white dot is a street light.

I found this great bargain at Sam's today.
$20.83 for 300 sheets = 14 cents each 
I can't wait to start some craft projects!

Hubby & I are organizing the attic today.
Wish me luck!

Don't forget to spring your clock forward tonight before you go to bed.


Sis Sue said...

Have fun with your crafting and attic cleaning.

Cindy said...

Look forward to seeing what you create, Carol. Is is hot up in your attic? Yikes!

Elena said...

The craft paper is a great deal. I got a pack like that before Mary was born and I am still using that paper. I have made some really fun stuff with it.