Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Show & Tell

A few weeks ago Hubby & I cleaned & organized the attic.
I found a forgotten treasure from my past.
I had totally forgotten about this sweatshirt.
It shows the building where I attended high school.
Cushing High School
Cushing, Oklahoma

I bought this souvenir brick back in the 80s.
What a beautiful building!
Wonderful memories were made here.
So sad it was demolished.
Only an empty lot now.

I also found a tub filled with newspaper clippings, programs,
 & other remnants from those years.
I'll be sorting through those memories soon.


larry said...

Carol, remind me to take photo of MY 1957 Tulsa Webster Gym Trunks that I still have and Grandson Justin occasionally uses them to swim in our pool. :-)

Kerin said...

You 'found' some wonderful treasures!
We need to get busy and clean and sort through stuff too.
I hope to find a few treasures too !

Patsy said...

Always fun to go back in time.

okjrmiller7 said...

Would you like to go back in time, or are you satisfied at where you are? I love the memories but will stay whee I am. LOL