Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fun Days With Grandkids

I had a super fun day on Monday with Emma & Ethan.
Their mommy finished Christmas shopping while we played.
The kiddos helped me make a list of 10 things to do.
One of the 10 items was the Santa project.  They counted all the Santas in the house.  After counting they found a total of 61 Santas.  Most of those were on the 2 Christmas trees. 
Next, they created a Santa mask with a paper plate, construction paper, cotton balls & glue.  They had a blast.  

We did finish all 10 fun things on the list.  

Tuesday was another fun day.  I went to their school to watch the Christmas program.  The sweet sound of children singing is so inspiring. 
Jingle Bells
Away In a Manger
bell ringing
Smiling with pride!

Making memories is priceless.  


Kerin said...

What fun!
Your Grands are sure growing up fast!
It's nice that they can spend time with you, and make warm Christmas memories!

Have a wonderful,joyous, Christmas!


Vee said...


What fun projects you came up with for the grands! Gotta love children's Christmas programs...the children sparkle so bright as they sing the carols and ring the bells. Say that reminds me of a real oldie...Come On Ring Those Bells by Evie. Where my mind goes...forgive my wandering.

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