Saturday, September 8, 2012

Give Me A "D"

That's right . . . 
Give me a
 "D" - "I" - "S" - "A" - "P" -"P" - "O" - "I" - "N" - "T" - "E" - "D"!
Betty Bear & I are disappointed!
Our cable provider couldn't reach an agreement with the PAC 12 to televise tonight's game against Arizona.
We'll have to go "old school" & listen to the game on the radio.
Reminds me of all the times my Daddy played the OSU games on the radio at the shoe store so he could listen to the game while waiting on customers.
Yep . . .
Betty, Hubby & I will be cheering loud tonight at 9:30 while we listen to OSU beat the Arizona Wildcats!


Shelia said...

Aww...I'm sorry!! But I know your tiny ear will be tight against the radio tonight. Good luck to your team.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sis Sue said...

Just like the Waltons. Go Pokes!

Sis Sue said...

Just like the Waltons. Go Pokes!

Rhonda said...

go Pokes! You are going to be up late tonight.

We don't have cable anyway and I try to keep up with the scores online while the games
are playing.

thank you for your nice comment today. I am starting a new blog

no posts yet though

Kerin said...

You are a loyal fan!

Good luck!!