Monday, May 21, 2012

Random Monday Memories

It's hard to believe it has been 42 years since I graduated from high school.
While I was cleaning & organizing the guestroom closet I came across an item that shirred up a lot of memories.
This is a decoupaged plague that my Aunt Norma made for me as a graduation gift.
She used the graduation announcement.
I had forgotten that the ceremony was on May 26th, a Tuesday night at 8:00 pm.
Wow, a lot has changed in the world since 1970.
I often think how much easier it would have been during my high school & college years if
we had the internet & computers to help with research & writing term papers, essays & etc.
Long hours were spent in the school & public libraries looking through card catalog files searching for resources.
Pounding away on a manual typewriter was a grueling experience.

Memories, light the corners of my mind . . .
What are some of your graduation memories?


Denise Adorian said...

I graduated in 1970 too.Aaawww what good year.Wow 42 yrs.I have a memory post up today also if you want to jump over :) Denise from Coffeeberry Cottage

Sis Sue said...

Love the "do". Aqua Net and Dippy Do was a staple back in the day. It has been 33 years for me. As I reflect back to those years, driving the Buick Opal is among my top favorite memories, and wearing orange 'Chuck Taylors' to play basketball.

Kerin said...

How fun that you found that old plaque!

You were, and still are a cutie-pie!

I for one, am grateful that we had to do research and reports the hard way.
It helped us gain critical thinking skills, organizational skills.. etc.. etc...

Sheesh.. it seems as though kids these days won't even crack open a dictionary to learn a new word.
They just 'Google' it ~~LOL!

Smiles :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, man. As usual, I'm the oldie in the crowd. I graduated in '69. LOL!
And Kerin . . . I google EVERYTHING!

Vee said...

You've hardly changed a bit. You know what...I have never considered how much easier college would have been with all of today's technology. We could have graduated in record time! =D

Cute little great-niece you have there. She's not going to fit in her newborn things long.