Thursday, May 10, 2012

House Plants

I enjoy having real green plants inside the house.
These plants were in my classroom & came home with me
when I retired 4 years ago.
Sometimes I put them on the deck during the summer.
I think this year I'll keep them inside.

In January I clipped a few pieces . . .
& put them in water for this table vignette.
They've grown roots & it's probably time to plant them in dirt.
I want to put an African violet in this kitchen window.
It would do well in this southern exposure window.

Did you know house plants can help fight colds & are a natural humidifier?


Sis Sue said...

Your houseplants look so healthy. Is that the new little chicken in your kitchen window sill?

Elena said...

You plants are very pretty. I had a very large one like yours in California and I had to leave it behind when we moved up here. A friend gave me some cuttings that have rooted. So, I will need to pot it soon :)

Kerin said...

Beautiful houseplants.
What a nice touch they are in your home.

Hope your day is a good one :)

Becky K. said...

I have mixed results with houseplants. However, I have managed to keep a peace plant alive that our church sent when my Dad passed away seven years ago. We have killed cactus here...seriously. Too much water. Everyone seemed to think it was thirsty. lol

Stacey said...

I love houseplants too. My cat will eat them though!

Vee said...

A little touch of green here and there is so very nice and I think plants in a classroom are very nice, too. Why aren't you putting them outside this summer?

okjrmiller7 said...

Carol, I love house plants. They add life where ever you put them. I like to take some of mine outside in the spring to add life to my patio.