Monday, October 17, 2011

Random Monday Memories #22 . . .

Grandma had grit . . .

Yes, my Grandma Ruby had grit.
By that, I mean she had spunk.
Adventurous, creative, and hard working.

She also like reading the Grit Newspaper.
Before computers, Google, blogging, and Pinterest
she got national news stories, recipes, and DIY ideas from Grit.
You can read about the history of Grit here.

Every Saturday evening a neighborhood boy would knock on her door and she would buy the weekly Grit.
This ad was always in the paper.
  I always wondered why it didn't say "Boys & Girls".

When my Great Grandma passed away her children cleaned out
 her house and many furniture pieces were just thrown
in a creek bed. I guess that was a common practice back then.
 Grandma saved a washstand that was being tossed.
She found a recipe in Grit for refinishing furniture.
When the family members saw the transformation they were
amazed.  I remember Grandma telling us that some of them said
they wished they had kept the washstand.
She promptly told them,
 "You didn't want it, now it's mine."
I told you she had spunk!

I am lucky to now own the washstand.
What a treasure!
Here it is in my guestroom.

By the way, Grit is now a magazine.
I think I'll subscribe.
Here's the link if you're interested.


Elena said...

Your washstand is beautiful and what wonderful memories behind it:)

Susy said...

What a great story. Isn't it good to know some things were built to last. They may need a little refurbishing or updating, but then they're good to go for generations to come. xo

Cindy said...

Wow, wow and wow----I remember GRIT! That lets you know how old I am (early 60's). I have not thought of it since my childhood. All I remember is that my parents read it and the name is unforgettable. You have jogged a memory long hidden away---thanks!
PS: Had no idea it is in print now as a magazine.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Carol, it's beautiful, and the memories of your grandmother make it even more special. Can you imagine throwing furniture away? Amazing story. laurie

Christine said...

I'll look for this magazine at Hastings. I, too, have a washstand that we inherited from my husband's mother and dad. It fits nicely in our guestroom also.

Kathi said...

Carol, What a cute memory of your grandma. Your wash stand is really nice. Thank you for your helpful comments on my post about teaching 4th, 5th and 6th graders. I certainly will ask you questions as they come up. Hugs, Kathi

Kerin said...

How wonderful that you now have that washstand! Great story and example of a woman with grit!
Thanks for sharing!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I've never heard of it - but that washstand is beautiful!

Rhonda said...

I loved the old Grit. my brother sold Grits way back when he was about 12- he is a media-law professor at OU now so maybe his Grit days helped influence his career choice.

Capper was similar to Grit, I wonder if it is still in print?