Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just Getting Started . . .

Today I got the urge to start adding Halloween Bling
 to my Fall Fluffing 2011!

A few weeks ago I found some great things
 in the $ section at Target.

pumpkin visor for $1.00

I put it on this lamp shade in the living room.
I have no doubt Ethan will want to wear it when he visits.

glittery pumpkin garland for $2.50

 this ceramic jack-o-lantern my grandma Ruby made in the 70s.

My boxes of Halloween Bling are in the attic.
Hubby will help me wrestle them down the stairs.
He's always willing to help!

Come back later in the week to see Halloween Bling 2011!


Christine said...

I, too, have started getting out a little of my Halloween deco for the grandkids. They love it.

Elena said...

I love your Halloween bling. It is so cute!

Kerin said...

Love that ceramic pumpkin that your grandma made.
How fun to have that!

Annie Joy said...

I love the visor! You always have such great ideas and inspiration! Thanks!

Patsy said...

You have a good start, cute.

Cindy said...

Bring on the spooky stuff!