Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating Freedom . . .

The long 4th of July weekend begins today for our family.
Bob's office is closed so we're looking forward
to a long relaxing weekend of celebration.
On Saturday our subdivision is having its annual
4th of July parade in the morning.
We're excited because Ethan will be in the parade for the first time!

We're going to have a hot dog feast at noon.
Of course 4th of July isn't complete unless we make homemade ice cream.

We'll enjoy watching fireworks from the parking lot of a church not far from our house. Last year there were so many beautiful displays all around us we got sore necks trying to see all the action!

Whatever you're doing this weekend with friends & family I hope you'll have a memorable time celebrating our freedom!


Patsy said...

I know you will have lots of fun with the family. Blog us pictures. Happy 4th of July.

Mary said...

Great post. yes we too are relaxing this weekend after a long week. get some good pics of Ethan in the parade.
Have a great time celebrating.

Becky K. said...


Yes, I do hope we don't take for granted what our forefathers suffered and died to secure for us...our Freedom!

It is so easy to think that our good life will just go on forever.

I too hope you'll share some photos of that sweet little grandson in the parade. I'll bet he is growing so much.

Happy Fourth to you and yours.

Stacey said...

Your day sounds alot like ours. Have fun!

Elena said...

Thank you and the same to your lovely family!

Opie Dawn said...

I hope you are enjoying your day! Happy 4th!