Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Heat Is On . . .

Summer has arrived in Oklahoma!
Temps are predicted to be in the 100s
for the rest of the week.
I remember the dog days of summer when I was a kid.
We had no air-conditioning at home.
Really very few places had air-conditioning.
Some people relied on window water coolers.

Do you remember fans like this?
My mother would keep us inside after lunch & we would lounge
around in the living room near the water cooler
with the blinds closed.
We also enjoyed running through the water sprinkler to keep cool.

I wanted one of these slip 'n slides so much.

Kool-Aid was a big treat!
Mother would also make popsicles in ice trays with toothpicks.
Stay cool friends & enjoy the dog days of summer!


Stacey said...

kHi Carol! It is hot! I've been going out into the yard at 7 in the morning to pull a few weeds. Then in the afternoon the blinds are closed. Guess what, Kool Aid is my college boys favorite drink. :) He still drinks a pitcher of grape every day just about. Cracks me up.

Elena said...

Those are some great ideas to stay cool. We have air conditioning in our house. We are so blessed these days. I, like you, remember the hot days of summer with no air conditioning!

Kari said...

Thank God for AC!! ...did you ever get the slip n slide?

Shelley said...

You brought back great memories! I loved my slip and slide! My labrador used to try to slide on it too! LOL!

Mary said...

Great post today! I love going down your memory lane. I bought Elise a slip N slide on sale for 3 bucks before she was born. I wanted one really bad when I was young too! So I made sure Elise would have one form day one! Ha

valerie said...

I do remember those fans. They scare me. ;)

I loved slip 'n slides. Do you think they still make them?

Kool Aid is awesome. We used to put it in our ice trays and make popsicles.

My car said 102 when I got off work at 4:00. Very hot!!!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Carol...Yes, we've had an early start to a hot summer here in the South! I do remember not having AC...unfortunately! My first car had none...I couldn't afford that extra...and my first school had none either! Needless to say, I rushed home to my first apartment...which thankfully DID have AC! lol Oh...those were the days!...Debbie

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh Carol, what fun memories you brought back to me! Love that vintage slip n slide, and wow do I remember those days, and the frozen ice treats. My husband has a small collection of vintage fans. We both just love the looks of them. Fun post! Thanks for the memories. laurie

Sherry said...

I remember the hot days as a kid, too. We had a water cooler a/c then frigerated air (window) later.

We lived in the country where the farmers irrigated their crops, so the temp stayed at least 15 degrees cooler that elsewhere. The evenings were very cool. Sometimes we needed a light blanket if we sat outside! There's not any irrigating around where I live now and it is HOT!

Thanks for the memory lane of products!