Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Is Finally Here

It's cold this morning, 18 degrees, feels like 9.
Winter has finally decided to make an appearance here in northeastern Oklahoma.
Rumor has it we have an 80% chance of a snow mix Sunday night into Monday morning.
Suddenly I feel like baking cookies or brownies & making hot chocolate.


larry said...

I should have brought case of Savoy's Homemade cinnamon rolls home from yesterday? :-)

okjrmiller7 said...

I told Miller, today is a good day for a fire in the fireplace and a good book to read. Hot chocolate sounds good too. Love your blog Carol.

LindaD said...

It already feels warmer thinking about baking and hot chocolate! mmmm I Love larry's idea of cinnamon rolls! I haven't baked them in a long time...maybe today! :)

Patsy said...

It is going to smell so good with all that baking going on.

Jennifer Gail said...

Same here. Yay!!! Yummy header.

Maple Lane said...

Hi Carol, I saw your comments on Patsy's blog and decided to say "hi." It is even cold here in Georgia this weekend! Hot chocolate sounds very tempting this afternoon. Hope you have a nice Valentine's week. Mildred

Cindy said...

Cold here, too!

smalltownworld said...

For some reason, I like popcorn when it's cold and snowy.
Yes, I'm weird. :) But I love it.