Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Show and Tell . . .

The feel of Autumn is in the air this morning.
63 degrees feels amazing!
Only 28 days until fall begins!

This is a particle re post from 2008.

                                                                     Cozy Quilts
 If you're like me, you like to stay warm and cozy while napping, reading, or watching TV. What better way to get cozy than with a quilt. There is something so comforting about a quilt, especially antique quilts.

Here are some quilts in my upstairs linen closet just waiting to be used.

These antique quilts are really tattered.
I think they look pretty in this basket in the laundry room.

This antique quilt belonged to my Grandma Minnie.
I made the quilted kitty for her many years ago.
When she passed away I brought it home and
gave it a place to live in the guest room.

This beautiful blue quilt was my great grandma Berger's
I took it to college with me at Oklahoma State,
it kept me warm in my dorm room at Willard Hall.
The orange quilt belonged to hubby's mother, Verna.
I even think pictures of quilts give warmth to a room.
I stitched these way back in the '80s.
Wow, if I tried to do a project like this today I'd have to buy one of
those fancy lighted, magnifying lamps.
Too many years grading papers under  fluorescent lighting.

Hope you have a quilt to cozy up with when the wind starts to howl!

Wishing you a fantastic Friday, until next time take care . . .


Patsy said...

Your show and tell was wonderful. I am so ready for fall but not winter.LOL

Elena said...

Oh, I love quilts too and I have several!

Cindy said...

The quilts are displayed wonderfully, Carol. Love the cross stitch, too. A warm and fuzzy post!

Love Of Quilts said...

I to love older.... antique first was a 9 patch and so I really like the one you have...its my favorite pattern. Trish