Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Monday Memories #17 . . .

This exteme heat has me thinking alot about the
 snowy weather we had during the past winter.
Here are a few pictures to hopefully help you feel cooler.

The blizzard was raging.
View from our front door in February.

Hi Frosty!

Hubby looking cool shoveling snow.

Ready for a cookout?


Mary said...

Thanks for the mental vacation from this heat and drought.
stay cool.

Oklahoma Granny said...

It would be nice to have some 'in-between' weather if you know what I mean.

Patsy said...

Cool would be nice about now.

Christine said...

Great minds think alike.

Elena said...

Wow, you guys have really been having the heat. Our family in Oklahoma City has been telling how hot it has been there for so long! Take care of yourself and try and stay cool!

Look beyond the picket fence said...

I saw on the news that the mid west is having a heat wave! After looking at a few of your posts I can see that you are feeling the heat! I will take the heat over a blizzard any day! I like warm weather, not hot, warm. I love opening the doors in the morning and hearing all the sounds from outside. Our neighbor has a few roosters and I love hearing them. They crow all day long and they are like music to my ears! I can't hear them in the winter! I love your sunflower post! I would like to take one and but it on my side bar. You asked about the table on my deck. My father made it for me and I love it! It might be too nice to be outside. But there it will stay until the weather changes and the deck is snow covered! I may have to do a post on my table, I really love it!
I hope the heat wave is over soon! However, I think it might be headed this way!

Cindy said...

Your new header looks cool, too! Love the pictures. Thanks for the refreshment:)